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Bundle welcomes Justine Missen from The Unbecoming Mama as a new guest blogger! Justine is Mum to baby Violet and writes about the highs and lows that make us all amazing mums. Be sure to check her out. In her first post for Bundle she discusses some of the tasks you might like to think about covering off in those last few weeks before you welcome a new baby.

You'd be surprised how quickly nine months can creep up, it might feel like an eternity but as those final weeks approach you find yourself making to do lists for your to do lists.

These are the things I checked off to make life a little easier once bub came and to make the most of my final weeks of only having myself to worry about. 

Not everyone gets that nesting urge to clean everything. I forced myself to do it between episodes One Born Every Minute and Married at First Sight and I'm SO glad I did. Even having the cupboards organised in a way that allowed me find things with one hand was a big bonus once bub arrived since she wouldn't let me put her down. 

2. Make a playlist
Not even just for labour, make one and listen to it and sing and dance (if you can) because as much as I promised my baby I'd listen to music with her all the time I haven't and music was my life pre baby. When I do though I love listening to the songs that played during my labour (the ones I can actually remember). 

3. Stock up on non perishables
Do it. I'm five months into motherhood and I haven't had to buy toilet paper or shampoo yet. The super annoying things I forget when I buy groceries and have to go back for later. Ain't no one got time for that when baby comes along. 

4. Spend time out of the house.
It takes a while to work out the logistics of taking a longer trip out of the house with bub and it can be quite traumatic if bub isn't feeling very cooperative. Our first big day out I made sure she was fed and clean and happy and off we went. A drive that usually only took an hour took THREE. I spent most of the time on the side of the road breastfeeding and trying to settle her again while my husband felt helpless. I discovered that day that she's not one of those regular babies who loves travelling.
She only likes being held.
By me.
Luckily she's since grown out of it and is now a regular baby but it took a while. 

5. Buy comfy lounge clothes.
You'll spend lots of time lounging and after bub makes his or her entrance you'll be feeling pretty banged up. In my opinion there's nothing quite like the feeling of new pyjama bottoms or oversized t-shirts to ease some aches and pains. That first shower after labour was quite luxurious only topped by putting my feet into brand new socks and slippers. 

6. Freeze meals.
The last few weeks of pregnancy I dedicated a couple of afternoons to stocking the freezer with meals. What a lifesaver! Once my husband went back to work and couldn't help out as much around the house it was the best just being able to pull something out of the freezer, microwave it and know we weren't eating complete junk. A few hours in the kitchen meant I didn't have to cook for a month! 

7. Pack your bags.
I had my bag ready to go from 35 weeks. I pulled it apart and packed it again about 47 times because I'd forgotten something important or didn't realise something was important until someone mentioned it like a facial mister. I didn't realise how hot and clammy I'd feel during labour, the convenience of something as simple as a spray bottle was a game changer!

Better yet, let Bundle pack your bag for you. They already know all of the must haves and they've picked the best of the best for your comfort. I wish I'd known about this amazing idea before I had my baby because I stressed so much about the contents of my stupid bag!

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