We're all about
making life easier

Simple, stylish and carefully curated birth bundles. Est 2013.

Our vision

Bundle's vision is to help make life easier for expecting mama's and new parents. We do this by helping women prepare for pregnancy, for birth, for breastfeeding, and for motherhood.

Founded in 2013.

Bundle™ is Australia's Original and Favourite Pre-Packed Maternity Bundle™. We've helped thousands of Mum's all around the country, over the ditch and even as far as the USA and UK.

It's a family affair.

Mama (Lucia), Dad (Will) and our two Bundle Baby's Jasmine and Apollonia are the driving force behind Bundle™. There's no shipping agents or third parties involved in this business. Just one very busy Mama and her supportive family helping where they can. Rest assured when you send Bundle a message your talking direct with the owner and helping you have an amazing experience is our number one priority.

We're driven by you.

Every day we're reminded how lucky we are when we help expecting Mama's prepare for birth and beyond. To be be a small part of such an amazing life moment brightens our day, as does talking, helping and advising mamas. It's icing on the cake when we get sent newborn photos. It totally melts our heart and brings home how grateful we are to offer Bundle's services to the community.

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