Bundle Hospital and Baby Checklist

At Bundle we recognise that all mums and dads will be inundated with good, bad and indifferent advice from family and friends whilst they await the arrival of their little bundle. Rest assured, even perfect strangers will chime in on occasion. This information - on top of all the lists you are given by healthcare professionals, printed in magazines and on the internet - can be quite overwhelming.

Our Hospital and Baby Checklist makes things easier for you by separating the 'Must Haves’ from the ‘Nice to Haves’ and covers preparing for the arrival of your little bundle, preparing your hospital bag and your first weeks at home.

The Bundle Hospital and Baby Checklist is based on our personal experience and advice from other mothers. Use the check boxes next to each item to keep track of what you have and haven't sorted out yet.

 - Included in our Curated Bundles

Preparing for the arrival of your little bundle

It may seem like you have all the time in the world to prepare for the arrival of your new baby, but it’s important to start planning and organising early in your second trimester. We recommend that you place orders for big items such as nursery furniture and prams at least 12 weeks before your baby is due to ensure they are ready in time. And, plan to purchase your car seat and have it professionally fitted a month or two prior to your baby’s arrival... and practice!

Your Baby’s Nursery

Must Haves

 Firm mattress
 Mattress protector
 Cots sheets (at least 2 sets) 
 Change table
 Change mat
 Chest of drawers
 Lamp, night-light or dimmer switch
 Comfy chair for feeding

Nice To Haves

 Bassinette or cradle
 Sheets for your bassinette x2 
 Cot mobile
 Nursery toys
 Wall art, letters, numbers, growth chart etc

NB: It is recommended that Quilts, Pillows and Bumpers should not be used in a cot with your baby until your child is as least 12 months old.  Please refer to the Safe Sleeping Guidelines put out by Sids & Kids.

In The Car

You will need to have one of the following types of restraints correctly fitted in your car to bring your little bundle safely home from hospital.

Must Haves

 Baby capsule OR Convertible car seat (suitable from birth to 18kg)

Nice To Haves

 Car seat liner
 Window shade
 Rear view mirror

Prams and Carriers

Buying a pram is much like buying a car!  It is an important decision that shouldn’t be rushed and the more expensive option doesn’t always deliver.  You need to consider the lifestyle you lead. Do you need to be able to go jogging with the pram? Does your car have enough storage for the option you have chosen? Make sure you also consider the applicable safety standards for your region.

Must Haves

 Storm/Rain cover
 Nappy Bag
 Portable change mat

Nice To Haves

 Carry cot/pram bassinette
 Pram snug, foot muff or boot cover for extra warmth
 Baby carrier or sling

Organising your maternity bag / hospital bag

You should have everything you need for labour and your stay in hospital packed and ready by 36 weeks. Often left to last, this can be one of the more daunting tasks prior to the birth. There are so many little bits and pieces to get and often conflicting lists of what you will need. It’s a good idea to check with your hospital or health care provider about the specific requirements and length of stay that will apply to you, this way you can pack appropriately. At Bundle we have you covered for this part of your preparation with our carefully thought out Mum & Baby Bundles. This way you will be able to put your feet up and relax knowing your maternity hospital bag is packed! 

For Mum

Must Haves

 Maternity pads x 2 Packets 
 Nursing/Breast pads x 1 Box 
 Hydrogel breast discs to soothe & heal sore nipples x 1 Box 
 Nipple balm 
 Facial spray or mist 
 Lip balm 
 Hot/Cold pack 
 Glucose jelly beans or lollies for energy 
 Laundry bag for dirty clothes
 Clothing for Mum

Nice To Haves

 Birth plan (if you plan to use one)
 TENS Machine for pain management
 A good book or magazines
 Drink Bottle 
 Energy Drinks (Dilute in water as too high in sugar) or Gastrolyte
 Tablet & charger to help pass the time 
 Phone & charger

For Baby

Note: Quantities are for a 2-day hospital stay. You won’t need as much for a shorter stay, but you will use the extras when you get home!

 Singlets x 2 
 Swaddling wraps x 1 or 2 
 Coveralls, grosuits or onesies x 4 in several sizes  
 Socks or booties x 2 pairs (Unless your coveralls have covered feet as Bundle's do) 
 Scratch mittens x 2 (Unless your coveralls have fold over cuffs as Bundle's do) 
 Hats x 1 or 2 
 Burp Cloths x 1 or 2 
 Nappy Cream 
 Bath and/or massage oil 
 Baby wipes 
 Disposable nappy bags 
 Changing mats 
 Soother / Pacifier / Dummy (if you plan to try using one)
 Laundry bag for dirty clothes 
 Nappies (newborn size) if your hospital requires you to supply them
 Clothes & Blankets for going home

For Dad / Birthing Partner

 Music and/or reading material 
 Camera or phone & charger
 Phone numbers of family and friends
 Change for parking
 Change of clothes & toiletries

The first few weeks at home

Bringing your baby home for the first time is both exciting and often quite daunting. It’s a good idea to have things ready beforehand so that you can focus on getting to know your little one and spend some time together as a family.


Must Haves

 Baby Bath
 Face cloths (towelling or muslin) x 6
 Bath oil (not soap) 
 Cotton balls
 Brush or comb for bubs with hair

Nice To Haves

 Hooded bath towels x 2
 Bath stand 
 Bath thermometer 
 Bath support
 Bath toys


Must Haves

 Digital thermometer 
 Pacifiers 0-3 months 
 Infant nail clippers and/or scissors
 Basic nursery medical kit 
 Phone numbers of emergency, medical or support services including poisons hotline (we recommend you keep these on the Fridge for quick reference) 

Nice To Haves

 Air purifier or humidifier


Whether you choose to breast or bottle-feed your baby, there are some essentials that you will need.

Must Haves

 Feeding pillow
 Burp cloths 
 Dribble bibs 
 Bottles 4-6 
 Spare teats
 Steriliser (microwave or electric) 
 Bottle brush 
 Breast milk storage cups, bags or ice cube trays
 Breast pads (washable or disposable)  
 Breast pump (manual or electric which you can hire) 
 Hydrogel breast discs and/or gel pack to soothe sore breasts 

Nice To Haves

 Bottle warmer


The secret to travelling with babies and small children, is to be ‘prepared’!  Pack as light as possible and include some surprise toys and treats.  The trick is to keep them well entertained and/or distracted while you are in transit!

 Portable cot 
 Lightweight stroller 
 Hook on chair or portable booster seat 
 Sleeping bag 
 Travel bag for your pram or stroller 
 A few favourite toys 
 A few surprise toys/treats to use for distraction. Particularly on long road trips or flights.

Nappy Changing

Must Haves

 Nappies (cloth or disposable)
 Baby wipes 
 Disposable nappy bags  
 Nappy pail with lid (for cloth nappies) 
 Nappy soak (for cloth nappies) 
 Nappy/barrier cream 

Nice To Haves

 Nappy organiser 
 Nappy disposal unit 
 Change table toy/mobile

Your Baby's Wardrobe

Choosing items which are made from soft fabrics such as cotton and which are uncomplicated will ultimately make dressing and changing your baby easier.  They should be soft on baby’s skin and be easy to launder! Note: Some of these items you will already have for your maternity bag.

 Singlets x 6 
 Coveralls, growsuits or onesies x 6 
 Body suits (long and/or short sleeved depending on the season) 4 – 6 
 Leggings (with or without feet) x 4 
 Outer layer (such as a cardigan) for warmth 2 - 3 
 Socks x 4 - 6 pairs 
 Booties (optional) 
 Hat x 2 
 Bibs 6+ (Some babies dribble a lot!) 
 Swaddling wraps 4 - 5 
 Sleeping bag or sleep suit x 2 (optional to begin with)

*check the bottom of this page for a handy chart to help you select the right size for your wee bundle!

Playtime Fun

From the moment they are born, babies look for stimulation, interaction and encouragement.  Bright and contrasting colours, simple sounds and different textures all contribute to your baby’s sensory development.  The following types of toys will help promote strength, learning and laughter in these first few months of life.

 Activity gym or playmat 
 Rocker or swing 
 Brightly coloured or boldly patterned toys
 Toys with texture 
 Rattles and squeakers
 Soft plush toy 
 Musical toys 
 Soft books 
 Bath toys

Size chart for infants

00000 0000 000 00 0
WEIGHT (kg) 3 4 6 8 10
HEIGHT (cm) 50 56 62 68 76
AGE (mths) Small newborn Newborn 0-3 3-6 6-12