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Alice Pearson, winner of TV series ‘The Block NZ’ posted this great blog on getting organised for hospital and packing her hospital bag.

Alice writes:

I thrive off being organized, I had purchased the capsule and buggy in the first trimester, our top 3 names was decided after our first discussion about it, the nursery was all done within my second trimester. I thought putting together my hospital bag would be done well before I needed it, but it was one thing on my to do list I kept putting off! No matter how positive you are attempting to be about birth, there is always going to be nervousness, as every birth is different and quite often doesn’t go the way most woman plan. You want your hospital bag to have everything you need practically during and straight after the birth, some home comforts and aids for creating an environment you want in a hospital room. It’s not quite as simple as deciding on a colour scheme for your nursery or picking out a bouncer.

Bundle dealt with my procrastination! They have created a bundle of the essentials you’ll need for your hospital bag, your baby’s first 2 days or 4 days. You have the ability to pick what bundle you are after and even add a cute overnight bag and extra baby clothes. In their hospital bag they have all the essentials for what every birth will needs, even down to the little details like a toothbrush. From there you can just add your clothes and your newborns leaving outfit (so exciting) and you are done!

Or you can continue to add to the bag those personal touches you hope to use during your birth. For me these added arrangements were a TENS Machine to help with pain management, birthing aromatherapy oil and an electric burner, a sipper drink bottle, apple juice (when I get tired of drinking water), my birth plan, chargers for both my phone and my husbands, camera, Bluetooth Speaker and 14 hours of my own playlist downloaded onto my phone. My families’ recommendations for songs were along the lines of “Push It”, “Bleeding Love” and “The first Cut is the Deepest” – none of them made my playlist!

In all my reading of birthing and newborn books, antenatal classes and newborn parenting classes I seem to find a common message coming through, the more confident you are in both birth and parenting the easier it is. Putting together my hospital bag has certainly helped me gain more confidence about my birth and even a little more excitement. To know I’m going in with a hospital bag, a capsule and a husband AND leaving with the extra addition of our first child to love and cherish is simply incredible!

Please Note: Bundle currently does orders to NZ, even though they are based in Australia. But watch this space as all good things make their way over to our shores. I would also recommend looking at their checklist page – it is one of the best I have found, which prioritizes what you need and what is “nice to have”.

Blog Post by Alice Pearson

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