Meet the Maker - Bundle @ Baby Berry Collective

Bundle recently featured in the 'Meet The Maker' series over at Baby Berry Collective. Here is a little snippet. If you're interested in finding out more about Bundle - who we are and why we do (and love!) what we do - then head on over to BBC for the full article!

"Are you a mum with a business? If so, tell us a bit about yourself and your family

I was born in NZ and moved to Australia when I was just 4 years old. According to my father, on my first day of school here in Australia the kids teased me for saying ‘Jandals’…..I don’t remember this so apparently it has had no lasting affect on me! Ha ha.

My husband Troy and I have 2 beautiful children Niamh who is 6 and in Prep at School and Eamon who is just 15 months.

I’ve had a wide and varied career spanning both the Arts and Corporate world. I have worked at Gaslight Music which used to be a Melbourne Institution, Nintendo, in Accounting firms and finally at an Event & Logistics company which is where I met my husband Troy. We then went on to buy a wine store! I also studied at the Victorian College of the Arts becoming a professional opera singer, singing mostly with Victorian Opera."

Read on - Meet The Maker Series - Bundle

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