Message and exciting update from Bundle's Director

​I’m Lucia the Director of Bundle, a wife and a Mama to my little girl Jasmine who is 17 months old. I am super passionate about pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and making parenting life that little bit less stressful. 

I want to reinforce that Bundle has had no impacts to date as a result of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). We are taking extra precautions when packing and handling your packages in a clean and naturally sanitized environment. So rest assured its business as normal at Bundle.

Many of you have had contact with me for one reason or another, and I’ve had the privilege of providing Bundle Bags, Baby products or support to many of you. It always makes my day when I receive photos of your babies after following your journey. 

I've enjoyed it so much that it inspired me to get pregnant again and now I'm due to give birth on 1 July 2020! Yes, I'll have 2 under 2... Super Mum or Super Crazy regardless, as you can tell I’m all about babies! 

Like many of you who are pregnant now or know someone close to you who is. The birthing movement has changed drastically due to the impacts of COVID-19 and the extra precautions taken by the medical system and at hospitals.

I’m sure many of you feel a little apprehensive like I do. I've been thinking pretty hard and made a plan to re-centre myself in these uncertain times. For a week or two there, all of my efforts to get into the right 'birth' headspace had disappeared.

I’m not sure if you saw the moving yet heartbreaking photo I posted on the Bundle Facebook page of a mother introducing her newborn to the grandparents with a window between them. This really hit an emotional spot with many people, and the unfortunate reality of birthing in these times. 

So regarding the birthing space, I’m back in it, and you can be too. We can do this, one day we will look back at these times and be proud of how we coped. 

Also during times of social distancing and the types of lockdown we're experiencing it's harder to get out and about to get all your items for birth. Remember, this is what Bundle offers and we can deliver these items straight to your door! All of the items in our bundles can be purchased individually, so if you only need a few things we have you covered. 

To help, over the next few weeks I will be sending out some articles on birth preparation and keeping the children entertained while in lockdown so stay tuned!

Sending you all healing and positive thoughts, look after yourselves, remember you’re never alone even if it feels that way, reach out to your online community, we are all in this together!



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