Multiples and Sleep

Congratulations you are expecting multiples!  A mixture of elation and shock is what most newly pregnant parents can feel.

There is double and sometimes triple or quadruple the thinking that goes into sleep and settling with multiples.  It’s pretty tiring, and there is no way around that.

Some things to think about are:

  • Will I feed my babies at the same time? (after a while the answer is often yes)!
  • How will I sleep the babies, 1 cot, 2 cots, bassinets, etc?
  • What do I think about dummies?
  • Can I get a roster happening with help (especially for triplets and more)?
  • Do I understand, or have I read up on babies tired signs?
  • How will I manage?

Often the way we approach sleep and settling with multiples is framed by – are they your first or 4th and 5th babies?  Have I done this before, or My Goodness, ‘Welcome to Parenting’!!!

Read up as much as you can, join your local AMBA (Australian Multiple Birth Association), head into the AMBA forum online and write/talk, listen and listen some more.

You will get through it, it wont be easy, but you will love your babies and in time come to see how precious and miraculous they are.

Tip by Mandy Hose….She Knows

Early Parenting Consultant
Sleep & Settling Support
Specialising in premature, multiples & special needs families
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