Our latest Postpartum Recovery Essential for every new Mama.

We are excited to introduce you to the BodyICE Woman Maternity Care Gift Pack, our latest Postpartum Essential for new or expecting mama’s.


This helpful pack comes with two reusable gel breast pads and a reusable gel perineum strip for cooling or warming relief in your sensitive areas, during pregnancy, birth, post birth and while breastfeeding. Here's some pics of this amazing product.

As you would know if you've been reading my previous newsletters, I gave birth to my second daughter three weeks ago, so as you can imagine the BodyICE gift pack has been a lifesaver for my recovery. My first born was a C-Section and had its challenges physically post birth. However, this time it was a natural birth, and OH MY! I didn’t expect some of the challenges of a vaginal birth (hello 2nd degree tear ouch).

The BodyICE perineum strip provided INSTANT relief and has been my go to for soothing any discomfort. Then on day three, the breast pads came in really handy after the commencement of cluster feeding sessions. These were paired great with the Happy Mama Organic Nipple Balm which works a treat.

The BodyICE Maternity Care Gift Pack comes beautifully packaged in a gift box so it makes for a great gift for yourself or someone else 😃. You can read more or purchase one here for $61.00. To tempt you and because we love when customers come back to Bundle, use the promo code BODYICE for 10% off the gift pack.

We also now stock the contents of the gift pack separately for sale if you want to pick and choose what you need, or if you want to stock up on more of each.

These past few weeks have been a great reminder of how great some of our products are and I look forward to sharing more stories over the coming weeks and months.

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