This is part one of our series on 'Preparing for birth'

Hypnobirthing is proving very popular with mums and expecting parents, leading a revolution that is starting to see many changes in peoples attitude towards birth. With hypnobirthing mother's are taught to embrace their natural instincts and do what they have done successfully for millions of years.

After recently completing a six week Hypnobirthing course for the birth of my second child (Due July), I really feel like my eyes have been opened to the reality of birth. I didn’t realise how little I knew about my body, the birthing process and my birthing rights. So I strongly urge you to consider doing a Hypnobirthing course which covers all of these topics.

The course I completed with at the Newcastle Birth Movement (Bundle is based at Lake Macquarie NSW). I know so much more about my body, my own personal needs during birth and so many coping mechanisms for before, during and after labour. It really helped to set a general positive mindframe towards birth.

There are many online Hypnobirthing courses. To see whats available in your area check out the official Hypnobirthing Australia website.

    Hypnobirthing Cheat Sheet

    My own Doula sent me these links which have really helped to keep my mind in the birthing space and I highly recommend you consider watching these especially if you don't have time to do a full Hypnobirthing course. 

    Breathing techniques during labor

    Here's a short video from USA based Birth Doula: Bridget Teyler (I love her YouTube channel) explaining a few different breathing styles to help cope with labor.

    Visualization techniques during labor

    Here's a 6 minute video from Tracey Rose. She describes some helpful and simple techniques that you can consider during your birth. And i'm sure you will feel the same way as me, if my birth can be anything like the birth she describes in this video, im in! 

    Positions for birth

    A very quick 3 minute video about the best positions during birth! Basically UFO ( Upright - Forward - Open), any position but on your back as gravity is your friend.

    Positive Birth Company playlist of 'Tips and Tricks during birth'

    Following on from the above video this is a YouTube playlist consisting of various of short helpful videos from The Positive Birth Company, I just clicked on the tips that interested me

    Newcastle Birth Movement

    This is my own local non for profit 'birth movement'. If your interested follow them on Facebook as they often post practical articles, offer free online webinars as well as offering affordable online courses that might interest you.

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