Simple Style Tips for Busy Mums

(Guest Post by Fi Morrison, Baby Hints and Tips)

Becoming a new mum is all consuming – it takes up your time, effort, even physical resources. I remember 16 months ago, in the newborn days, I struggled to find time to shower and brush my teeth, let along finding time to ‘dress up’. I lived in sweat pants, baggy shirts and no bra. I needed easy access clothing so my son could feed, and comfortable clothes for me because everything still hurt and I was still carrying excess baby weight.

The problem with this was I felt unappealing, unsexy and just plain gross. While I can’t claim to have ever been the next top model, I used to love getting a bit dolled up in summery dresses and feeling feminine.

But becoming a mum seemed to change all that, and it had been virtually impossible to dress up in clean underwear let along having 5 minutes to do anything with my hair or face. However, FINALLY, after 16 months with my boy, I’ve finally found some really simple style tips for us busy mums to use once a day, or every few days, to help us feel a bit like our beautiful, confident selves again!


I liked accessories pre-bub, but I LOVE accessories now as a mum. In the early, cooler months I used scarves to add to my jumper and jeans combo. The scarf was great because it had multiple uses – fashionable and functional – that I could use when my son was younger. For example, it could also be used as a nursing cover while I was out and about.

Now that my son is a bit older (and it is summer time!), I love having a range of gorgeous jewellery that I can add to my simple outfits to feel dressed up. No longer do I hear crickets when I walk out of the house in plain clothes. Since donning some gorgeous earrings and a matching necklace as of late, my friends have not been able to stop commenting on them! My confidence goes way up and I feel dressed up without even trying. Accessories like these are a great way to style up your outfit as a busy mum!


Whether you’re the manicure kind of mum (“me time” I hear you say?) or not, jazzing up your nails can help you feel more stylish and dressed up even on mundane days at home. A simple coat of nail polish, some nail stickers (Jamberry are my go-to), or a trip to the salon for some fresh claws are all great ways to achieve this.


If you’re a breastfeeding mum, find some practical nursing wear that will make outings simpler and easier for you. I always thought nursing wear meant sweat pants and baggy tops in public, but how wrong I was! You can find gorgeous and practical nursing wear that will make you feel beautiful and confident, even if you did only spend 5 minutes getting ready while holding onto a baby the whole time!


While it may not seem like much of a ‘style’ tip, looking after your skin will definitely help with boosting your confidence, and may minimise the need to constantly apply make-up before leaving the house. Find a deep cleanser that will help clean your pores, and commit to a 5-minute daily cleansing ritual (I’m still working on this!). A couple of minutes before you get baby up in the morning, or just before your bedtime can go a long way in helping your skin to look and feel better.

What are your top style tips for busy mums?

Fi Morrison is the content manager for Baby Hints and Tips and a part-time primary school teacher. She is a first-time mum to a 16-month-old. Fi is a chronic over sharer, lover of tea and chocolate, and in her (very minimal) downtown, binges on Netflix with her husband.

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