The Lulla Doll is by far the best sleep aid for your baby!

All new Mums (and Dads) have been there... baby... won’t... sleep!

Yes, yes, yes... we have all heard of the fourth trimester, which, as a breast feeding mama, I found OK during the day but hell during the night!! Omg!

For starters my daughter would ONLY sleep on me, which after a month or two starts to take its toll. She would be fast a sleep in my arms and then as soon as I'd try to put her down. Hysterical tears! Or 40% of the time it it would work and she would stay down, but then accidentally I'd trip over a shoe on the way out of the room and wake her up! I’ve been there and I know lots of other Mama's and Dads have and are too.

That’s where the Lulla Doll comes into play.

So basically, as soon as I received my Lulla Doll, I put it straight down my top (yep you heard that right!) and left it there for a few hours to soak up all those lovely smells. The science behind this is that the Lulla Doll is made from a material which can absorb smells which if done correctly will help to soothe and comfort your little one by mimicking you as closely as possible. Furthermore when you turn it on, it makes breathing and heartbeat sounds (which can run for up to 12 hours!). This amazing sleep aid really does work miracles.

So now my routine is slightly different incorporating the Lulla Doll.

When I put her down, I put the Lulla Doll in the cot right against or sometimes hugging her. It comforts her by helping her drift off to sleep quicker but also helping to keep her asleep longer. Simple but it works for us and works for so many parents out there. 

And we know what a sleeping baby means... A little more freedom to do what you need to do. Hello toilet, dinner, neck relief!

If you need another opinion or need to do more research be sure to check out our customers review (these are unmoderated):

Or watch this segment from the Today Show.

What I really love about the new Lulla Doll (which is what we sell) is that it runs for 12 hours, which makes it the ultimate sleep companion for your little one. It also comes in three different colours - Sky, Coral and Lilac. 

As with all our products we only stock what's tried and tested and what works for us or people we know. The Lulla Doll fits the bill nicely and has our stamp of approval. For more details or to get one see

Disclaimer: Whilst the Lulla Doll is safety approved for Australia and New Zealand, it is never safe to leave your baby under 12 months unattended with anything including the Lulla Doll. Always follow the latest SIDS Safe Sleeping Guidelines

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