Bundle's Comprehensive Baby & Hospital Checklist

Bundle's Comprehensive Baby & Hospital Checklist will ensure you're prepared for your baby's arrival. Check off the items as you get them ready and be confident that you've got everything covered.

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What is Bundle?

Mum Bundle For Mum: Pre-packed hospital bags that include all of the go-to items a mum-to-be will need for those first few days with their new baby.

Baby Bundle For Baby: A generous range of luxurious, organic essentials and apparel to take with you to hospital and use on your little one to help ease their transition into the world.

Bundle Bags  Our modern, stylish overnight bag, designed with our own experience and that of other mothers in mind. Bundle overnight bags are well-considered and built to last -  perfect for your time in hospital with your new baby, a trip to the gym or a well-deserved weekend away,

Bundle Add-ons and Accessories Browse our wide range of accessories and add-ons to personalise your Bundle!

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